“My daughter has been at this nursery for almost 3 years. During that time it’s true that there has been a turn over of staff (though some staff have remained throughout) and this has definitely been for the better! The current staff are friendly, kind, energetic, caring and thoughtful. The nursery is spacious and light and the days are filled with well organised activities. My child is learning SO FAST at the moment and they keep her well occupied. Also, the caterers take the trouble to notice what the kids like or don’t like food wise and vary their menu accordingly. This is a perfectly decent nursery/preschool.” Bridget Mermikides

“It is a lovely nursery and the staff is very caring and loving. Plus my son loves it, and that for me it is the most important thing. In addition, the nursery has changed so much for the past 9 month that I could not be happier.” Maribel Gracia

“Great nursery with caring staff who provide a fun, engaging and safe environment. Our son loved attending Monkey Puzzle West Kensington.” Daniel O’Neill

“My 1-year-old daughter has only just started at Monkey Puzzle West Kensington but due to the caring and friendly staff, I can see that she is already enjoying herself and learning every day. The management team are also very approachable and professional in their manner.” Ami U (Mother of Child)

“Very pleased with the nursery and the staff. It has changed so much in the past 9 months that I could not be happier. The staff is so caring, loving and funny. My son is very happy, has lots of fun while learning lots of new things every day.” Maribel G (Mother of Child)