News round up November 2015

mathsSummary of news and events in November at Monkey Puzzle West Kensington

Check out our Pre Schoolers enjoying their mathematics session. They spent their time sorting and arranging the numbers. Oh, lets see how many gears we can use to build a tower

The 11th was remembrance day and the children had lots of fun making poppy’s out of tissue paper and putting them on wreaths. We also participated in the two minute silence at 11am to give our thoughts to all that participated in the war, and who served for their country.

November 13 – Today we are raising money for children in Need. The staff and children have come to the nursery in their PJ’s to raise money for this worthy cause. We are having lots of fun making Pudsy pictures and fairy cakes.


Summer round up…

July 13th – This week we are learning and preparing for the celebration of Eid. We’ve been making cards, lanterns, and looking forward to our Eid party on Friday.

graduationAugust 6th – The last few weeks have been very exciting. We have been preparing for our graduation for our wise owls that will be leaving for school in September. We made our own graduation hats, put on a show for the parents and had a ceremony to congratulate all the children on their achievements. We also had lots of fun at our party afterwards.

thank you chocsAugust 12th – It has been a very busy few weeks celebrating and preparing for our pre schoolers going to school, We had a very emotional graduation and lots of fun at our party. We have been very lucky with all the lovely thank you cards and presents from our parents and children. You have made us feel very special.

August 17th – Happy Monday Everyone!!! The sun is shining and our pre schoolers are focusing on mini beasts today. We have seen a Mummy snail and her babies, collected worms and woodlice and had lots of fun doing our research on them before we let them back into the wild.


Nursery roundup…

ParachuteWe’ve had so many fun activities going on in the nursery in the last couple of weeks. All the children here are Monkey Puzzle love it when we get the parachute out to play. We were learning to take turns, guessing colours and of course having heaps of fun.

bubble paintingWe all got our aprons on and had a go at bubble painting. The children mixed the paint and water and had bags of fun blowing lots of brightly coloured bubbles.

We had the most amazing time at London zoo on Friday. The sun was shining, the children thoroughly enjoyed it and we learnt so much about the different types of animals and their habitats. We had an educational session learning about reptiles, mammals and birds and had a chance to look and feel the different types of skin. We had an educational talk about penguins and how they feed and saw and fed lots of amazing animals… fantastic day had by all!!!

Introducing Danny Dog…

DogThis is our new friend Danny dog, Danny is 6 months old and lives in the toddler room at Monkey puzzle west Kensington. He is looking forward to going home with the children at the weekends and being part of the family. Danny has a communication book that the children can write and draw pictures in to tell the rest of the class his experiences.

Nursery roundup…

On April 30th we released our butterflies into the wild. The children had such fun watching them grow from caterpillars, to building a cocoon then transform into a beautiful butterfly.

This weeks topic is transport and the children had great fun leaning about all the different forms of transport and travel. We had a go at making our own passports and designing our own rockets.

Safety Awareness…

Recently we have been focusing on safety awareness and the children enjoyed a visit from 2 local police women.   We discussed stranger danger, how to dial 999 and general safety.  The children were overjoyed to be able to try on a real police hat and play with the handcuffs.

This week  we’ve  have had a visit from Hammersmith Fire Brigade.  The highlights  of the visit were seeing the hose being turned on and climbing in and out of the fire engine.  The children learnt how to call emergency services and we discussed how the fire brigade can help other than when the fire needs putting out.  Trying on the uniform was enjoyed by all and believe me, there were some very excited children.

Sports Day Fun…

The beginning of September saw our annual Sports Day in Holland Park. The staff, parents and children spent a wonderful morning holding races in running, jumping, hula-hooping and balancing a bean bags. The Mums and Dads took part in the highly competitive parent’s race and all the children went home with a certificate. Taking advantage of the hot sunny day, everyone tucked into a well-earned picnic lunch. Much fun was had by all.