October 2017 Newsletter

Our Teddy Bears
We would like to welcome three new residents to the nursery. Each room now has a teddy bear who can be taken home by a child in their room. These teddies like to visit new places, so, if you would like to take one of our new residents on holiday or on a day trip, please remember to take their passport with them to get it stamped. When it is your child’s turn, please can you write a daily dairy about what you have been up to with the teddy bear and take some photos so they can show their friends what you all got up to whilst away from the nursery. This can be either hand written or email.

  • Caterpillars’ teddy bear is called Apple.
  • Butterflies’ teddy bear name is Teddy.
  • Preschools’ teddy bear name is Timmie.

We will be doing a variety of activities around the theme of Halloween, such as carving a pumpkin; Designing their pumpkin’s faces; cooking; dressing up; Halloween stories (e.g. Room on the broom)
On Tuesday 31st October, Butterflies will be having a Halloween Tea Party at 3:30pm. Please come and join us, feel free to come dressed up.

Macmillan’s Coffee Morning
Thank you for your donations and cakes for Macmillan’s coffee morning. We have raised £72.50

Photo Slideshow
We now have our screen set up with a slide show of lovely photos of the children doing different activities with in the nursery. The screen is located in the reception area.

We continue to look at different fruit and vegetables and will be exploring the different textures and tastes.
We will be looking at autumn colours and objects. If you could collect some leaves for us when you are out and about, it help to build our leaf collection for our activities. We will be making playdough with the children using autumn colours and autumn smells.

We continue to explore ‘our special box’. For our special box, please can you bring to nursery, Halloween and Autumn objects so we can talk about them. We will be doing experiments with Autumn colours and objects.
Kaitlin is reading new exciting stories to the children that have made the journey from Canada. However, despite all of the new books, the children still enjoy their old story ‘A dragon on the doorstep’.

This month we have lots of autumn activities planned. We are focusing on learning about days of the week, counting days in the month and months of the year. We will be doing forest animals and their inhabitants, creating little creatures, reading stories and learning new songs.