Welcome to the May & June Newsletter for Monkey Puzzle West Kensington!

Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to welcome all of our new children and their families to our nursery. We have also added to our team:-

  • Cristina, new full time team member in baby unit
  • Kennie, new afternoon team member in toddlers / preschool
  • Kaitlin, new fulltime team member in toddlers
  • Spela, new morning team member in baby unit
  • Hasnna, new full time team member in Preschool

We also have Judith, who is joining us for a few months. Judith has worked with the nursery on and off for the last year and so knows the children and our routines, ensuring the children are always having fun.

Unfortunately Martyna is currently on long term sick and has sadly decided due to personal reasons that it is time to continue her professional development in an environment closer to home. We wish her all the best for her future and her next adventure.

We are in the process of rearranging our Baby Unit, it is now one room. We changed the environment to ensure all the children’s needs are being meet, plus it gives the younger children more opportunities to socialise and learn from the older children.

The large room will encompass all general activities to cover both large and small motor skills, such as painting, sticking, playdough, gloop, climbing frames, book corner and imaginative play.

The small room at the back remains a safe quiet environment for the very young babies enabling them to enjoy tummy time and age related activities. This room also is used for mealtimes and sleep.

Dates for the Diary:

Baby Unit – 15th June 2017 @ 3:30pm Father’s Day Tea party

Toddlers – 15th June 2017 @ 9am Father’s/Parents Day Celebrations

Pre-school – 16th June 2017 @ 9am Father’s/ Parents Day Celebrations

From 20th June to the end of July 2017 we will be holding parent meetings during the day to discuss the progress of your child. Please speak to your child’s keyworker to arrange a meeting between 10:00 and 16:00.

Baby Unit

Baby unit have been focusing on a variety of nursery rhymes and actions songs throughout May and June, to help the babies to develop their communication and language skills. We are reading stories, looking at picture books, flash cards and puppets. In May we looked at farm animals using books and small world animals to learn the animal’s names and sounds. We also sang animal songs and rhymes to extend their vocabulary.

In June we will concentrate on ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’, encouraging the children to copy the actions and learn the names of their body parts. As well as ‘round and round the garden’ encouraging the children to copy the actions on their own hands, on teddy bears and dolls. This will link to our garden sensory box as well as activities such as decorating their own bears. We will be doing a variety of sensory and messy play, such as construction painting with mega blocks, flower painting and using other materials, to explore different textures and shapes.

Our physical development will continue in the garden with the climbing frame which will help with climbing the stairs independently. We will also enjoy dancing to music such as Tumble tots that do actions songs and encourage the children to move their bodies with control.

Toddler Room

The Toddlers are fascinated by Jez Alborough’s book about Duck. We are doing lots of activities about the book: arts and crafts; painting; creative story telling with puppets, etc.
We now encourage children to be more independent by serving their own fruit at snack time. Our long-term goal is to help them to serve themselves lunch as well.

Jolly phonics is becoming very popular with Toddlers. They recognize most of the sounds and letters, they can identify their names as well.

We have recently introduced meditation: it is a simple 2 minutes long breathing exercise and Toddlers love it! We will make a video of this and upload it to Learning book for you to see, as soon as we are able to.

We have modified our ‘Key Person’ board to give you a section to put your suggests, recommendations and thoughts. You can also read about activities that we find helpful or interesting. Please, feel free to use the space with post it notes provided. Thank you

Pre School

Children showed a lot of interest in playing different type of circle games such as “Duck, Duck, Goose”, “Lucy Locket”, “Doggy, Doggy who’s got your bone”, “Hot potato” and “Mr Detective” these games help children to develop good concentration skills, learning how to take turns, listening and following rules and instructions, as well as gain confidence. The children have also learnt the concept of “pairs” by introducing the concept through play, such as memory games, matching pair of socks, and feet painting.

On a regular basis, we practice our counting skills by rolling the dice, counting marbles one at a time whilst pointing to them and feeding the hungry squirrel helps to improve their hand-eye coordination.

The children have made a ‘Snack Bar’ which is open in the morning and afternoon and is where they can serve themselves different kinds of fruit and pour themselves a drink. We made a wonderful poster about “one apple a day keeps the doctor away” and other labels were written by the oldest preschoolers. The children came up with an explanation for the saying, that the doctor is scared of apples so we keep on talking about the importance of eating healthy food and washing hands before each meal. As the children fully enjoy eating at the snack bar, we related the role play area to their experience and interest of serving their own food. At the moment, we are in process of setting up a restaurant and ice cream store in the classroom. There are a lot of activities such as counting ice cream scoops, writing menus, as well as lots of conversation about what is happening.


Pram storage

Please ensure that your pram is folded down and hung on the railing. This is because the prams are stored in our emergency exit and the exit needs to be kept clear at all times. Unfortunately if people continue to leave prams up which block our emergency exit, we may have no alternative but to remove the pram storage as the children’s safety is paramount.


When ringing the bell please ensure that you stand in front of the camera so we can see you.

Please ensure that the gate is locked behind you and not left open, when you enter and exit the nursery.

Thank you