October News

The Baby Room would like to welcome their new children into Monkey Puzzle! They have been focusing on building bonds with their new friends and looking at Autumn where they’ve created their own Autumn trees using their their hands and tissue paper. They really enjoyed exploring different textures and colours and of course getting very messy!


This month the Preschool and Toddler children have been learning all about Autumn too! We have been looking at the Autumn animals and their habitats.

In the Toddler Room have been creating our very own hedgehogs and squirrels using paint, googly eyes and their hands and feet to pint. And the Preschool Room have been creating their own Hedgehogs using modelling clay and sticks. After creating their hedgehogs they decided they had to make them a home to live in so we made our very own hedgehog habitat using paper, toilet roll, paint and card…it looks amazing! Their hedgehogs are now nice and cozy in their new environment.

The Tweenies Room is focusing on all about me and health and self care, we have started introducing brushing our teeth and giving the children opportunities to explore toothbrushes and experience brushing their teeth after meals. they have enjoyed participating in this activity and sharing experiences with peers when brushing their teeth together!